Dependent Verification

Dependent documents are due within 30 days of benefit eligibility date.  Read more for details on what to submit and where.

Please submit documentation to support your dependent within 30 days of your new hire date or life event date.  Documentation may be submitted to your local Human Resources, by email to or by fax to 713-947-4427.  Failure to provide documentation will result in your dependent(s) not being covered.

You must provide proof of SSN or TIN for all dependents by submitting a copy of the SSN card or TIN card along with the appropriate documents below.

Eligible Dependents List of Acceptable Documents
Legal Spouse
  • Marriage Certificate (not license) showing date of marriage
Common Law Partner
Natural Children Under 26 Year of Age
  • Birth Certificate naming the employee as the parent.
  • Hospital documentation (i.e., birth facts reflecting the child’s birth, acceptable only for children under 6 months of age).
  • Birth Certificate naming the employee’s spouse as the parent.
Child adopted, fostering, guardianship, etc.
  • Adoption Certificate
  • Court papers showing adoption or placement for adoption, guardianship or foster parent/child relationship.
Due to yearly federal reporting and dependent eligibility verification audits, the Powell Benefits Department reserves the right at any time to request up-to-date dependent verification documents from employees who participate in Powell’s benefit plans.