Dental Plan

A visit to your dentist can help you keep a great smile and prevent many health issues.  Powell’s dental plan is administered by Cigna, a leading provider of dental benefits with one of the strongest and largest preferred provider organization (PPO) networks in the nation.  Staying in-network, you can benefit from an average savings of up to 30%, however, you may also choose your own out-of-network dentist.  To search for a provider near you, visit

Please note, you will not receive a Dental ID card. A digital card is available by downloading the mobile app, for more information click here

Powell Dental Plan
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Dental PPO Plan Summary
Annual Deductible Individual $50, Family $150
Annual Maximum Benefit $2,000
Preventative (cleanings, exam, x-rays) 100%
Basic Dental Services (fillings, basic root canal therapy) 80%
Major Dental Services (extractions, crowns, inlays, onlays bridges) 50%
Orthodontia Services – Adult & Children (pre‑authorization required) 50%
Orthodontia Lifetime Maximum $1,500 per person

Employee Monthly Costs
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Dental Plan Premiums
Weekly Semi-Monthly
Employee Only $1.50 $3.25
Employee + Spouse $4.50 $9.75
Employee + Child(ren) $4.50 $9.75
Employee + Family $6.00 $13.00


Plan ID: 3344448