Disability Insurance

Disability coverage is designed to replace a portion of your salary in the event of a covered illness or injury that prevents you from being able to work.

Short-Term Disability replaces 60% of your base per-pay period earnings for up to 12 weeks. It begins after seven continuous days of disability due to illness or injury that is not work related.

Long-Term Disability replaces 60% of your base monthly earnings and begins after 90 days of continuous disability due to illness or injury.

Short and Long-Term Disability benefit payments are considered tax-free income, which means the premium for coverage must be paid for with employee after-tax payroll contributions. However, Powell reimburses you the full amount of the deduction so the only expense to you is a very small payroll tax on the amount of the reimbursement.  Click here for an example of what this looks like on your paycheck.

Pre-existing condition limitations may apply.  Click here or the Summary Plan Description for plan details.

Short Term and Long-Term Disability claims run concurrent with Family Medical Leave (FMLA).  Click here for information on how to file a Short-Term Disability, Long-Term Disability or FMLA claim.


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